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Having been in business since 1959 and with over 100,000 satisfied customers, our team of pergola builders are available now to help design and discuss your pergola in Sydney.

Supported by a team of some of Sydney’s leading pergola builders, you can rest assured your pergola will be designed and built within time and on budget from the design through to completion. We can even help you with the process of getting the application to build a pergola from the council.

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Take Advantage of Your Outdoor Living Area With a Pergola in Sydney

As one of the leading pergola builders in Sydney, Hi-Craft Home Improvements offers a wide range of beautiful custom-designed pergolas for your home. Whether you want a standard pergola or something more unique, we provide a range of designs, finishes, and materials for pergolas to Sydney homeowners. Installing a pergola is one of the best ways to take advantage of your outdoor living space, with our simple and efficient pergola designs capturing the essence of the Australian lifestyle.

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While they might seem simple on the surface, building a modern pergola requires a high level of experience, knowledge, and expertise. Being experienced pergola builders in Sydney, we take pergola design and installation very seriously by providing our customers with the very best pergolas in Sydney at an affordable price. If you want a simple way to upgrade your lifestyle and take advantage of your backyard, please pick up the phone and talk to the friendly Hi-Craft today at 1300 659 276

Modern pergolas that complement your home

Here at Hi-Craft, our design consultants take the time to talk with you about what you’re looking for in a pergola. We understand that every customer is different, and we know what it takes to design a pergola in Sydney that takes advantage of your unused place. Different designs work in different locations, with our expert team of pergola builders working with you to design an individualised structure and finish that complements your home. Why choose any old pergola when you can talk to Hi-Craft and design a solution that suits your home.

If you’re looking for a modern pergola for your home, enquire with Hi-Craft online or call us on 1300 659 276.

Along with the aspect of your home, we also pay close attention to the colour scheme, the management of heat and light transmission, and the overall pergola design in relation to your property. Understanding these basic factors and how they interact can have a huge impact on the final look and feel of your pergola. When it’s done right, your new pergola has the potential to enhance your property and improve your lifestyle. To learn more about our fantastic pergola designs, please call Hi-Craft today to organise a free on-site measure and quote.

Practical solutions that enhance your lifestyle

Creating a beautiful and practical pergola that is well integrated with the rest of your property is a great way to enhance your lifestyle. With the right design from Hi-Craft, your usable areas will expand, you’ll get access to more open-plan space, and your entire property will seem bigger. In fact, pergola design shares a number of similarities with modern interior design, which has been raising ceilings and opening up spaces for decades now in order to provide a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Installing a pergola in Sydney from our team of experienced pergola builders allows you to create a seamless transition from your home through to your backyard. In one sense, this is an affordable and creative way to extend your interior living space. From the other direction, it’s a fantastic and very practical way to make your existing outdoor area more liveable and comfortable. While lots of Australian homes have great outdoor areas, way too often they are under-utilised. A pergola is the perfect way to enliven existing spaces without needing to start from scratch.

A pergola from Sydney’s leading team of pergola builders offers the perfect balance between functionality and design, with our great products helping you to enjoy the great Australian lifestyle while also leaving a lasting impression for everyone who visits. Not only will our great pergolas add value to your home, they’ll add something much more intangible but even more important – lifestyle enrichment. If you want to know more about our amazing pergolas, please call Hi-Craft today to organise a free on-site measure and quote.

At Hi-Craft, we have a team with years of experience in pergolas building and have a variety of design options for decks and pergolas that cover your unused area. We use high-quality materials to design and construct patios and pergolas. The safety and strength factor of a pergola can’t be ignored and we pay a lot of attention to it through our world-class approach.

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