Aluminium Decking in Sydney

Aluminium Decking for Sydney Homes

The great Australian dream is not complete without the great Australian deck. While timber decks are a great option in many homes, aluminium decks offer a number of advantages to homeowners in terms of durability and design consistency. The uniformity and aesthetic appeal of aluminium can only be matched by the endurance of these designs, with aluminium decks known to last well into the future.

Aluminium has not always been the first choice when it comes to decking, with timber decks selected by most home-owners until recent times. While wooden decks are not likely to go away completely, here at Hi-Craft, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in orders for aluminium decks. There are many reasons for this, including changes to building codes, location rezoning, and the fact that these products require much less maintenance. With so many bushfires in Australia, non-combustible aluminium decks are often the clever choice.

  • The roof guy today Andre was a nice guy and I can say he did a great job. He did picked up some other bits that were not right and fixed them. It was a all day job started 7.30 am finished 4.30 pm a good worker. Thanks again for all your help.
    Tevor Lusby
  • Pics look awesome! Good Job! Please tell Graham we said hi…he spent too much time here in the planning!
  • Your whole team at Hi-Craft deserves a big pat on the back for the smooth and simple, old fashioned service. We are extremely happy with our carport and especially happy with the service we received. You can be assured that we will be recommending Hi-Craft to everyone!
    Robert Granata

Aluminium is the new choice in decking

Owning a timber deck often takes more time and effort than people think, with sanding, painting, and staining needing to be carried out on a regular basis to keep the deck in tip-top shape. As people become increasingly time poor, aluminium decks have a much broader appeal. Improvements in materials and design have also made aluminium decks more attractive to the Australian market, with more colours and finishes available than ever before.

Aluminium decks can be easily integrated with other outdoor products, including the great pergolas and patios available from Hi-Craft. Contrary to popular opinion, aluminium decks do not get hot over summer, with the high thermal heat conductivity of these products dissipating heat and providing a cooler deck than many timber or composite surfaces.

There are also benefits in terms of pest resistance, with aluminium decks preventing white ants and other nasty insects from entering your home. To learn more about our fantastic aluminium decks, please call Hi-Craft today to organise a free on-site measure and quote.

Personalisation and design features

Hi-Craft’s amazing aluminium decking builders in Sydney offer a wide array of colours and finishes, which makes it easier than ever before to match your exterior and interior spaces. The finished product has a timber appearance that looks completely natural, but with a more consistent straight line finish that will perfectly match many modern homes. While reduced maintenance is the main drawcard for these products, their seamless and minimal design is ideal for many Australian homes.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of owning an aluminium deck is the minimal maintenance needed to keep your deck looking its best. Aluminium decking will not age, fade, or weather like timber or other decking materials, with its naturally UV-resistant design not affected by the deteriorating effects of direct sunlight. What this means is simple – a great looking deck year after year with very little maintenance. In addition, aluminium decks are not slippery, and the use of pure aluminium alloy means they can’t rust.

As you can see, there are many benefits to building an aluminium deck, many of which people are completely unaware of. If you’re considering an alternative to a timber deck and want to create a space that stands out and requires little to no maintenance, our aluminium decks may be the perfect solution for you. If you want to know more about our amazing aluminium deck building service, please call Hi-Craft today to organise a free on-site measure and quote.

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