Converting your pergola into a sunroom


Pergolas with sunroom potential

Planning ahead can make all the difference. Understanding the simple changes you can make in the early planning and design stages can offer long term benefits. So how can you design and build a pergola that provides a long term opportunity to convert your pergola into a sunroom.

1. Design your pergola to a specific height

With a taller pergola design you can attach a deck at a later stage or include a cement slab. Accommodating the extra height required for potential flooring offers a variety of options in the future. Integrating your pergola posts with your deck or flooring foundations will increase the strength and structural integrity of your overall design.

2. Increase the width of your pergola posts and beams where possible

Increasing the strength of your pergolas posts enables a larger span area. With fewer posts you have more flexibility in the enclosure design. Whether it is sliding doors, panels or insulated cladding you will find the cost of increasing your post strength is  a small investment that could save you money in the long term.

3. Consider a pergola roof design that can accommodate insulation

Design your pergola roof with the potential to install insulation in the future. Understanding the way insulation is installed and the way it works with purlins and rafters can open up the long term options for your pergola to become a sunroom.

4. Install your electricity requirements at the time of construction

Running your electricity cables before pergola construction is complete is much easier and more cost effective. Organising the electrician to be present during the pergola construction can save you money and issues in the long term. Whether you would like fans, downlights, spotlights or an entertainment unit in your potential sunroom, pre-planning your electricity sves you time and money in the longer term.


Request an additional quote option including the cost of enclosing your sunroom

Once you have organised a free measure and quote with a Hi-Craft design consultant you can take advantage of the opportunity by requesting an quote option to enclose your pergola. This will give you a clear idea of the budget required, and also any extra cost involved in the initial pergola quotation.

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