The Four Easy Steps to Design Stunning Pergola Extensions in Sydney

There are four easy steps to design a pergola extension in Sydney that will make your home a showplace. Hi-Craft Home Improvements will be there to assist in every one of these steps.

Choosing a Shape for Your Pergola Extension

The first step is to pick a pergola shape by roof design. Hi-Craft Home Improvement can build your pergola extension with a dome design or a dome combo with a flat roof extension. We can also build pergola extensions with various forms of gable roofs. Each different type of gable roof contains various architectural elements within the gable roof itself. You may like to combine a gable with a flat roof element for your pergola extension in Sydney.

You may opt for a hexagonal gable or “pie-shaped” roof design. A skillion single sloped roof can easily tie into your existing roof as a lean-to or can add a stunning design element to your pergola extension.

The next step in creating pergola extensions in Sydney is to select your colour scheme. Hi-Craft Home Improvements offers a huge range of colours to match any existing house colour or to set off a contrasting colour if you want your pergola extension to “Pop.” A primary consideration here is whether you want your pergola to blend in and appear that it was always there, or whether you want it to stand out. There is no right answer in this element, as it’s more of a personal choice. Our designers can make some suggestions to give you some direction if you wish.

The third step in designing pergola extensions is to select the materials for the actual structure. You can choose from Colorbond steel, polycarbonate, or a steel and polycarbonate combination. Our designers will explain the different applications of these materials and the costs associated with each. The different materials allow for different structural designs as well as add a different design feel.

The last step in completing your pergola extension design is to choose the design options you wish to add to your pergola. You may choose from a number of different lighting options to match your design ideas and for maximum functionality. You may also opt to add ceiling fans and privacy screens.

Hi-Craft is the Leader in Designing and Constructing Pergola Extensions in Sydney

There is one more crucial step in this process that was not previously mentioned. You first need to contact Hi-Craft Home Improvements to get our professional advice and design suggestions for your pergola extension in Sydney. We can show you countless pergola options that will perfectly set off your property and will meet your budget constraints. We will help you reach your design goals and assist in obtaining any necessary permits and inspections you may require during the construction process.

Make sure that you explore the option of building your pergola extension with the possibility of enclosing it at a later date. We can design that option into your custom build to reduce costs later.

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