Hi-Craft Home Improvements: The Leaders in Alfresco Area Extensions in Sydney

There is a new attitude about home utilisation in Sydney. Many homeowners are making the conscious decision to make greater use of their outdoor space. Rather than spending exorbitant sums of money to build indoor extensions on to their homes, many are opting to add an alfresco area extension in Sydney.

Many of the most desirable homes in Sydney have alfresco extensions. In fact, most real estate professionals will attest to the increase in the sales price of homes with alfresco extensions in Sydney. Now you can add this desirable feature to your home by calling Hi-Craft Home Improvements and exploring the exciting options for outdoor living spaces.

There are Many Options for the Shape of Your Alfresco Extension

You have different options for roof shape. You can choose a gable, skillion or dome shape. Most people are familiar with a gable roof or dome shape. However, many customers are unfamiliar with the term skillion roof. A skillion roof is a roof with a single slope. You could often describe it as one-half of a traditional gable roof. You would often utilise a skillion roof for a lean-to when attached to another structure. You can also use it as a stand-alone structure for a unique design or architectural feature.

You can also choose a ceiling type. Our consultants will describe the differences in look and functionality of the three most used ceiling types we offer. They are Gyprock, Glosswood and Ceilink. Depending on the ceiling type, and the expected usage, some people may also choose to use downlighting for their alfresco extensions.

Design Elements for Alfresco Extensions in Sydney

You may also choose to add fans and various lighting elements to your alfresco area extension. Ceiling fans will generate a comfortable breeze even on those otherwise still, hot days and nights of summer. Our designers can help you come up with just the right lighting design to make your alfresco area extension feel inviting and allow you to read, play cards or engage in whatever activities you desire in your alfresco extension.

The expert designers at Hi-Craft Home Improvements can make decking suggestions for your alfresco extension too. You have many timber options, as well as other flooring options to match your budget, tastes, and intended uses of your alfresco extension.

You may wish to consider privacy screens for your alfresco area extension in Sydney. These screens provide privacy and help to shield less-desirable views from the occupants. If you live in an area where there is a stiff breeze, the privacy screen will also act as a windbreak. Also, if you utilise outdoor heating units, the privacy screens will also slow the dissipation of the heat from those units and keep the area under your alfresco extension much warmer and cosier.

Contact Hi-Craft Home Improvements at 1300 659 276 or visit continue to browse our website. To begin designing your alfresco extension today. We will provide you with suggestions and a free quote to match your vision and budget.

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