Which Carport Style to Choose for Your Vehicle (And Who to Call for Carports Construction in Parramatta, Cronulla or Bankstown)

When you decide to build a carport on your property, you are probably making the decision first and foremost as a way to protect your vehicle from the elements. At Hi-Craft Home Improvements, all of the carports we build in Cronulla, Parramatta, Bankstown and throughout the Sydney area are built to provide this type of protection. Using top-quality materials, smart designers and the best team in the business, we build carports that are sturdy and built to last—perfect for shielding your car from sun damage, rain, snow or other unwelcome advances of Mother Nature.

How to Choose the Right Carport for Your Needs

Knowing that any Hi-Craft carport design will protect your vehicle, the next question you will want to consider is which style of carport to choose. While carports all serve the same basic purpose, they do so in all different shapes, sizes and designs. From one-car gable-roof carports to multi-vehicle domed-roof carports, Hi-Craft Home Improvements can design and build a versatile range of carport structures.

So how can you decide which carport style is right for you? The two core considerations you should take into account are your storage needs and your aesthetic preferences. Each of these factors can significantly impact the carport that Hi-Craft designs for you, so having an idea of your stance on both can help us to simplify the design stages of your project.

  • Storage Needs: First, start by asking yourself what the main purpose of the carport will be for you. Do you just need a spot to park a single sedan? Do you need a larger carport for a whole family’s drivers and their vehicles? Do you require a place to park a boat or an RV? Domed carports provide high clearance levels and plenty of space to park larger vehicles while smaller gable carports are often perfect for smaller vehicles or less intensive parking needs. As you decide on the right style, consider the future as well as the present. Do you have kids who are going to start driving soon? Are you interested in purchasing a big truck, boat or RV? Making these considerations before you build your carport will help to ensure that you have enough space to park all of your vehicles for years to come.
  • Aesthetic Preferences: The other side of choosing the right style of carports for your Parramatta or Cronulla home is aesthetic preference. What style looks good to you? Or, perhaps more importantly, what type of design matches the architectural style of your home? Domed roofs have a sleek look that meshes well with modern architectural styles while gable-roof carports tend to integrate better with the designs of more traditional homes. Gable or skillion-roof carports are also easier to attach directly to the home, for more convenient parking.

Call Hi-Craft for Your Bankstown Carport Improvement Today

Ultimately, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer when it comes to choosing a carport design for your home. At Hi-Craft Home Improvements, we look forward to working together to find the style, size and design that works best for you and your family. Whether your choice of carport design is motivated by your family’s vehicle storage needs or the architectural style of your house, you can rest assured knowing that Hi-Craft will build a high-quality carport solution. Call us on 1300 659 276 to learn more.

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