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Building a carport can make all the difference to the street appeal and ultimately the value of your property. With over 100,000 satisfied customers since 1959 it can be said Hi-Craft Home is one of Sydney’s leading builder of carports.

5 Reasons you should build your carport with Hi-Craft

1. Check measuring

Each and every carport designed and built by Hi-Craft undergoes the same consistent building process. A big part of this process is the check measure. Before any building commences your property is check measured by a Hi-Craft project manager to ensure your carport is built to the quality standards required. Put simply we like to measure 3 times and cut once.

2. Delivery of materials

To ensure the building materials are maintained in perfect condition, building materials are most often transported to site by the build team installing the carport. In the event they have to be delivered to site they are delivered the day before installation to ensure the highest building standards are maintained.

3. Professionalism

Hi-Craft carport builders are trained to have the highest levels of professionalism. This includes arriving to job on time, keeping the area clean and ensuring that Occupational Health and Workplace standards are maintained at all times.

4. Specialised builders

Hi-Craft carport builders are specialised in building with high quality steel. Building teams are geared towards building high quality carports out of high quality steel materials. Hi-Craft does not build with roll form steel products, instead opting for stronger posts and beams. Hi-Craft carport builders are familiar with the higher quality materials and therefore experienced in the installation of higher quality carports.

5. Proven track record

Hi-Craft carport builders are regularly praised for the great job they’ve done. Customers regularly send Hi-Craft testimonials expressing their gratitude for the level of professionalism and workmanship a Hi-Craft carport builder provides.

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